Q4 2021 Q&A Session — Part 1

As we near the 1 year mark of the creation of Phoenix Global a call to action was requested from our Telegram and Twitter community — send us your questions! A large number of questions were submitted and the answers will be released through a multi-series publication.

Note: The 100:1 redenomination plan is not yet fully finalized and is not covered in this session. More details will be available on this topic shortly.

Without further delay, part one of the Q4 2021 Q&A below.

Topic 1: General Project / Team

Q1. How large is the Phoenix Global team?

Currently the core development team consists of 8 individuals including product and dev-ops team.

Q2. Is the project aiming to provide services/solutions world-wide, or is it just focusing in China/Asia markets?

Currently the focus is mainly on Asia as it is where we have more resources, ecosystem, and knowledge, but as we see the ecosystem has been growing faster in the west, we expect to have a more global approach moving forward.

Q3. With the updated roadmap, are we going to compete with Onchain, Solana, etc.?

We would say that currently the blockchain space has growing quite significantly in the past two years and there is no need to compete directly with any of the mainstream blockchains, protocols, or tech firms. We position ourselves as a niche infrastructure provider for data-related applications (namely AI and privacy), which is currently still a small and upcoming space in the entire landscape.

Topic 2: Community Involvement

Q4.There were plans for community testing of the Oracle. Are there future plans for this?

Yes, the Oracle is one important component of the full Mainnet launch, and will be the first module that we will have community testing and involvement in. We are rushing to release it along with a interactive GUI for visualization.

Q5. How can those in the community with strong development background assist with testing?

We will have active testing incentives and bug bounties for community members with development capabilities once testing phase starts for the Oracle.

Q6. Will more community Supernode Candidates be accepted?

Yes near full Mainnet launch we will be recruiting more candidates — the process and criteria we perceive for selection will be adjusted and optimized from before. We will encourage more candidates with testing and application development capabilities.

Topic 3: Marketing

Q7. Any plans to spend marketing budget on influencers to generate more awareness?

We are open to cooperation with influencers, though we hope that it will be community-recommended. We will see if there are any methods/onramps to for easy retail crypto user/community growth before we engage any influencers with talks for promotional arrangements. Moving forward we will also provide the community more opportunities to engage in the process as well as related activities such as content creation — we will have community and holder incentive pools for marketing, content, and PR.

Q8. Does the team plan to expand on the existing website?

The team is in the process of updating and optimizing the existing Phoenix Global site.

Q9. Has the team thought about merchandising? Source of income, and builds further loyalty.

No we have not yet but are open to the suggestion.

Q10. What happened to the Chinese and Korean Community that was supposed to be re-opened?

The Chinese community was originally planned to commence in May but due to the regulatory environment we felt that it was not a good idea. We plan to continue exploring a Korean community, as we have ended our engagement with our previous partner (Trueblocks). We prefer if the community was managed by one of our own Korean community members rather than a 3rd party team or agency. If any Korean community members are interested in this opportunity we encourage them to approach us for a proposal that we can push forward quickly. If this is something you are interested in, please contact the admins with your proposal over in our Telegram group, or email directly to marketing@phoenix.global.

Topic 4: Partnerships

Q11. What are the details of the ARPA partnership? Are the technical teams working together? Has progress been made on this partnership?

The ARPA partnership is working well and they will be one of the early keystone members of the new consortium (https://flc.ai/). We currently share a few joint projects under discussion with enterprises. ARPA’s specialization is MPC (multi-party computation), and ours is federated learning, which are complimentary technologies in the privacy preserving space.

Q12. Please describe the Investors & Partners that are listed on your website and their involvement in the project.

2–3 early investors are still involved in Phoenix Global (we cannot disclose which ones), but they provide mostly ecosystem and partnership support in the crypto/blockchain space.

Q13. Are the seed investors still involved? Do they still have their share/allocation/investment?

As we mentioned only a few are still involved, most we would say have definitely wounded down their allocations from the start, which is within expectation.

Topic 5: China/General Crypto-verse

Q14. Are you concerned with the China crackdown on crypto? How does this impact Phoenix?

We understand that the China crackdown has been an area of concern for the communities and teams of those projects with certain team originating from China. This we feel definitely is an important aspect to navigate carefully albeit we don’t see any difficulties moving forward. As Phoenix is structured offshore, and that we do not operate a Chinese community nor has ever raised funds from Chinese investors we don’t see any major issues. However, we will be sure to avoid engaging in commercial transactions with any local crypto-related players (ie. Exchanges, apps requiring crypto-related tech services, etc)

Q15. How will potential issues be avoided?

We will closely monitor regulatory development and events and will ensure 100% compliance. We also will expect our team to be increasingly decentralized and will be recruiting more team members for ecosystem and dev positions outside of China.

Q16. How does China’s current stance impact the project’s trajectory?

We would say it has a small effect mainly in terms of enterprise pilots and related projects directly originating in China there will definitely be an increased level of hesitancy to put applications on mainnet. (Has not effected pilots to any extent currently)

This concludes Part 1 of our multi-part series, thank-you for submitting your questions and participating in our Q&A! Stay tuned for further answers to your questions from the Phoenix Global team in the coming days.

Join the discussion over in our Telegram and on Twitter.




Blockchain Enablement of the Real Economy. https://phoenix.global/

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Phoenix Global

Blockchain Enablement of the Real Economy. https://phoenix.global/

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