Phoenix RISE Program Launch & 1st Annual Inflation Reduction

1 min readJan 10, 2023


Phoenix RISE

Dear Phoenix Community,

We are glad to announce our new, strategic token economics optimization program, Phoenix RISE. With the growth of our technology development, adoption, and community/userbase, gradually upgrading and adjusting parts of the token economy will insure a more robust growth model.

Phoenix RISE program covers the following aspects:

1. Gradual Inflation Reduction

Paired with project, dApp, ecosystem and userbase growth, inflation will be reduced gradually at milestones and strategic inflection points.

2. Lock & Burn Mechanisms

Optimize and increase the methods and use cases for locking and burning of PHB, as introduced in the our Layer 2 Lock & Burn Mechanism as well as for AlphaNet (stay tuned for details).

3. Ecosystem Incentives

Continually optimize staking mechanism and options to encourage and increase staking for both rewards and utility — this includes additional channels for staking (i.e. 3rd party staking, exchanges), and applications with staking used for utility or value (i.e. AlphaNet, Layer 2)

With the launch of Phoenix RISE, we are glad to announce the first annual inflation reduction of 10% will be effective as of January 16.

Best Regards,

Phoenix Core Development




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