Phoenix Oracle Network — Beta Launch!

Dear Phoenix Global Community,

We are glad to announce that the Beta version of Phoenix Oracle is live! Check out the GUI to see it in action here

The vision of Phoenix Global has been very clear: to create a comprehensive, blockchain-based solution for the next generation of data-intensive and AI-driven enterprise apps. Within that vision, both a Layer 1 blockchain and an oracle data service are crucial in providing the differentiated and focused value for applications in areas of data sovereignty and decentralized AI (federated learning).

Phoenix Global blockchain provides the core mechanism for trust, governance, and management of the decentralized AI process, and Phoenix Oracles serves as a secure gateway to streamline data, AI models, computational resources, and privacy-preserving logic with on-chain smart contract processes.

For Phoenix Oracle Network we have the following strategic value drivers that’s differentiated from other generalized oracle platforms:

Phoenix Oracle Network was built to be chain-agnostic for the most flexibility and optimal ecosystem development – for this Beta implementation the demo GUI is being run on Ethereum Testnet. We will also implement Phoenix Oracles on Binance Smart Chain and Phoenix Chain, as well as subsequently strategically picked ecosystems such as Klaytn and Nervos.

Along with this Beta release, we are also happy to announce a new core extension module of Phoenix Oracle Network: DataX Data Exchange Protocol. DataX is a protocol for enhancing and enriching data for decentralized data and AI applications via Phoenix Chain and Phoenix Oracle Network, and harnesses two main capabilities:

We will release separate detailed information and specifications for DataX shortly.

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