Phoenix Global Q2 Development Update

  • Phoenix Oracle & Initial Release/Use Case
  • Phoenix Staking App
  • Federated Learning
  • New Partner & Enterprise Pilot
  • Exchanges and Marketing

Phoenix Oracle & Initial Use Cases

Phoenix Staking dApp

Federated Learning

(Screenshot of APEX IQ product recommendation AI model used by companies such as Spring Airlines, Alibaba Food Delivery, Bank of China, and Starbucks)

New Strategic Partners & Enterprise Pilots

Green Cloud
  • Explore privacy-preserving methods to share AI-driven insights across the same customer base across different travel-industry enterprises (between airlines and hotels being one of the most promising test cases)
  • Train and refine customer retention, product recommendation, and targeted marketing AI models across various industry participants.
Zhuoyue Education



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Phoenix is an L1 and L2 blockchain infrastructure, empowering intelligent Web3 applications, focusing on the next generation of AI & Privacy-Enabled Web3 Apps.