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Metamask Support

How to Deploy Smart Contract on Phoenix using Remix

  1. Navigate to
  • Ensure that MetaMask is open, and you have PhoenixMainNet selected.
  • Locate the button/icon for ‘Deploy & run transactions’ on the left-hand navigation. Currently, this is the 4th icon down.
  • This will prompt a connection between Remix & Phoenix Mainnet in MetaMask. Select the wallet you want to connect.
  • Under the Environment drop down, choose Injected Web3
  • Click on the 2nd icon/button on the left side ‘File Explorer’
  • Locate the icon/button to ‘Create New File
  • Enter the file name: SimpleStorage.sol
  • Select 3rd icon/button at left side ‘Solidity compiler
  • Click ‘Compile SimpleStorage.sol
  • Navigate back to the icon/button ‘Deploy & run transactions’
  • Since we have only one smart contract so far, it is automatically selected in the dropdown.
  • Click ‘Deploy’.
  • This will send the transaction to Metamask, requesting confirmation to create the smart contract SimpleStorage.sol
  • Click on confirm.
  • At bottom right, we can check the message: creation of SimpleStorage pending…
  • MetaMask will prompt that the transaction has been confirmed.
  • In Remix, click on the transaction line or the debug button (at the right side) to see more details of the transaction:



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