Phoenix Completes Integration with WeChat Ecosystem

2 min readNov 22, 2022


Phoenix WeChat Integration

Dear Phoenix Community,

We are happy to announce that the Phoenix development team has completed, and tested blockchain integration of Phoenix Layer 1 with the WeChat Ecosystem, namely WeChat Mini-apps and WeChat E-Commerce. In a Proof of Concept (POC) to system integration partners, Phoenix development has successfully demonstrated technical and performance tests of utilizing the Phoenix Layer 1 in WeChat Mini-app environment (HTML5-based).

WeChat is one of the largest messaging applications in the world, and the largest in Asia, with over 1.3 billion users. WeChat is not just a messaging app, but a vibrant and growing ecosystem that includes gaming, e-commerce, payment, finance, utilities, health and travel. Application-level integration of Phoenix L1 with WeChat presents a new window of opportunities and use cases for Phoenix’s blockchain infrastructure. Phoenix aims to be the first blockchain that provides value-added real-world applications and use cases to WeChat mini-app ecosystem.

In terms of integration, the Phoenix development team demonstrated and tested the following comprehensive functions:

  • NFT Creation, management, & transactions on the Phoenix L1
  • Wallet management, transfers
  • Blockchain explorer, query, and finder functionality
  • Smart contract invocation and interaction

Phoenix Core Development will be working with system integration (SI) partners to accelerate and explore the following initial use cases:

  • Integration of brand/enterprise NFT assets into WeChat mini-apps and WeChat E-Commerce
    Brand NFTs are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, especially in China & Asia. WeChat is one of the main channels brands use to communicate with their users in China. Through this integration, the Phoenix team has demonstrated the ability for brands to seamlessly integrate NFT functionality into their existing WeChat e-commerce user and member accounts/profiles. This includes the ability to manage individual NFT assets and facilitate transfers.
  • Integration of blockchain-based loyalty points and CRM into WeChat mini-apps
    Traditional loyalty points and CRM programs are quickly dying both in interest and efficacy, hence many enterprises and brands are exploring the possible replacement of their traditional programs with more interactive blockchain-based rewards, sometimes in the form of NFTs. This integration enables Phoenix to work with enterprises and brands to develop new CRM and loyalty programs leveraging Phoenix L1 technology.

These initial use cases are only just the tip of the iceberg for unleashing potential of the WeChat ecosystem — more developments to come as the Phoenix team explores more technical implementations, use cases, and after we engage more collaborative partners!

The Phoenix core dev team is expecting to release a simple development SDK for fast and easy development for integrating Phoenix L1 functionalities on WeChat mini-apps.

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