Phoenix Global (PHB) token will be undergoing a migration from the NEO blockchain and at the same time a token redenomination. Find out what this means and what actions are required from you below.

The current PHB token has seen a number of changes over the past several years. The most notable of course is the merger with the Apex Network (CPX) token. The tokens Apex Network (CPX), Red Pulse (RPX), and now Phoenix Global were rooted originally with NEO. Legacy token contracts, inflation policy, and other technical items are still NEO-based.

This year, the strategic direction of moving to…

We are happy to announce the launch of Phoenix Staker on Binance Smart Chain is scheduled for 12:00pm (midday), 25th June 2021 (SGT). Phoenix Staker is a decentralized staking platform for loyal hodlers to ‘Stake PHB’ and receive additional PHB tokens as staking rewards. This release comes after the completion of an independent security audit (Click here for report — PASSED no vulnerabilities). In addition, our community testing period identified no loopholes or high severity defects.

The launch of Phoenix Staker will coincide with the decommissioning of the Insights Platform. PHB inflation originally allocated to staking and content creators on…

Dear Phoenix Global Community,

The Phoenix Global team is preparing to launch the Phoenix Staker on Binance Smart Chain providing a decentralized staking/reward platform for loyal PHB hodlers. Phoenix Staker replaces the staking functionality that was previously on the Insights platform.

As the team works to apply final touches, we wanted to open Phoenix Staker up for a round of community testing to try out the functions before going live.

The Phoenix Staker Testnet is available here.

Please see below overview and instructions on how to participate.

Note: This is a testnet, with test tokens (PHB). …

In our previous liquidity mining campaign with Hummingbot, we saw 482 distinct individual miners participate with the number of weekly distinct miners peaking at 129. The total filled order volume has reached $45 million as of May 24th, 2021. With US$30,000 rewards paid out and encouraged by these results; we have decided to resume the liquidity mining campaign for another 3 months with a total reward pool of ~US$15,000 in PHB tokens!

Did you participate in the previous PHB campaign? Join it and start earning rewards again!

Summary stats of the previous PHB liquidity mining campaign

Below are some of the key metrics of the past campaign period as…

Dear Phoenix Global Community,

These are interesting times for Phoenix Global as we are working on progress on multiple fronts — all in the direction of continuous tech development and optimization while gaining traction for real-world use cases and adoption, in this mid-May update we will briefly cover the following topics:

  • Phoenix Oracle & Initial Release/Use Case
  • Phoenix Staking App
  • Federated Learning
  • New Partner & Enterprise Pilot
  • Exchanges and Marketing

Initial Launch/Use Case

We are glad to announce the first test use case of Phoenix Oracle with Horizon’s data price feeds. …

Everything you need to know to swap between the various Phoenix Global tokens.

This guide will outline how to swap between PHX (NEP5) on NEO blockchain, PHB (BEP2) on Binance Chain, and PHB (BEP20) on Binance Smart Chain, using and the Binance Wallet Browser Extension.

Swapping between PHX (NEP5) and PHB (BEP2) using


  • PHX (NEP5) inside NEO wallet
  • account will automatically convert PHX (NEP5) to PHB (BEP2) upon deposit at a 1:1 ratio.

Login to Binance and go to your ‘Fiat and Spot’ wallet.

Locate PHB and click ‘Deposit’. …

Dear Phoenix Global community,

We are glad to announce the Alpha version of the Phoenix Oracle — this is a significant milestone in the development of our own proprietary oracle that eventually will be used in a variety of enterprise dApp and DeFi use cases.
The Alpha version of the oracle completes the functionality for single-node data verification.

Phoenix Oracle is being developed as chain-agnostic, meaning that it would eventually be interoperable with public blockchains, including Phoenix Chain (PHB), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Klaytn (KLAY). In the Beta 0.5 …

Overview — First wave of completed pilots initiated at APEX Network, now Phoenix Global Blockchain (PHB/PHX)

Dear Phoenix Global Community & Partners,

We are proud to finally announce the results of the first wave of enterprise pilots initiated at APEX Network which includes a total of 6 completed pilots out of 18 that signed on.

These pilots have provided invaluable insights on paving the roadmap to faster enterprise adoption and the realities of which particular use cases are more practical and which less. …

Oracle Dev Plan & Status Report for Jan 2021

Dear Phoenix Global Community:

As previously mentioned in the Phoenix Global Node Ecosystem, Oracles are a vital component of our overall platform, enabling real-time off-chain data feeds for both enterprise applications and the upcoming Horizon Protocol (DeFi).

Please find below the Phoenix Oracle development plan (mid-flight) with current progress updates:

Phoenix Global Oracle Development Plan

  • Organize and attend workshops for Oracle design
  • Finalize architecture design and peer review
  • Technology selection of project
  • Choose Gin for http server framework.
  • Add Model, DB, Logger, Cron jobs, Configuration modules
  • Add UT framework
  • Design the fields and structure of above modules
  • Code review and refactor
  • Add http server router

Dear Phoenix Global Community:

Nodes and staking are an essential part of a blockchain platform’s ecosystem, and before the merger APEX and Phoenix both had their own respective tiered approaches to nodes and staking. They were different as they were two platforms with unique use cases and characteristics — but since now Phoenix Global is one merged platform, the respective teams have undertaken the tasks of crafting one Unified Node Ecosystem, which in part has optimized the node/staking tiers in the process as well as implementing features that better fits the long-term strategy and vision of Phoenix Global.

The node/staking…

Phoenix Global

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